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Thursday, November 19, 2015

So I was attacked by a rabbit this morning.....

Despite all efforts to live a quiet and peaceful existence... the weirdest stuff happens to me. I could not make this up if I tried. This morning I was attacked by a rabbit. *Insert hilarious and obvious Holy Grail references here* I assure you it was not a harmless little bunny.

There is no appropriate picture for this story. But here is my beautiful Kai earlier this summer.

As typical for the morning, I let the Dog Horde out this morning. But for various reasons I walked Lucky out the basement door that goes directly into the little yard by the Turkey House. Lucky toddled out to see something... what was it? A squirrel? But then it hopped away.

To be honest, there is a reason that Lucky is the Master of the House. Not only has he had some health problems that have affected his mobility.... but he is just not a cold blooded killer. Frankly he is the dog with a firetruck... once he finds something that he could kill... he just doesn't. That's fine. He has other duties... just not hunting. So I kind of laughingly said, "Get it!"

Lucky toddled over and, I swear to you, he booped that rabbit on the nose.

He looked over to me. "Hur hur hur, hey Momma, can I keep it? I'm going to call him George and I'm going to love him and...." Coo'd Lucky.

"Kai!" We obviously needed a professional killer.

The rest of the Dog Horde thundered up to the scene, caught a whiff of fresh and delirious rabbit, and raced around to the other side of the fence which was the nearest spot to their prey. I couldn't figure out why they didn't come directly to me...but then I saw the gate to the little yard I was in was closed. I hurried up to the open the gate.

In the meantime the rabbit had entirely panicked. However, there was no means of escape. You'll remember that we reinforced this little yard with chain link fence so the meat chickens couldn't get into the Dog Yard. There was no way to get out of the yard. The rabbit went wild.

"Come here, George, so I can love you and hold you..." Lucky toddled after the rabbit who was now bouncing off the fence in a desperate attempt to get away. That rabbit was like a fart in a skillet verily flinging itself all over the yard.

By the time I got up to the gate the rabbit had smacked into the house several times and was basically running in circles... Lucky is slow and happy pursuit. It's only thought was escape and death. He was gunning for me. I was standing in the way of freedom- the gate.

"Dogs!" I ordered. "Kai over here! Come around!" They were still trying to get thru the other side of the fence. But the dogs wheeled and headed up and around the Turkey House to the gate.  I heard running feet.

I looked down.

There it was. A bloodthirsty attack rabbit. At my feet.

"OPEN THE GATE!" The rabbit pretty much screamed at me.

I shrieked like a little girl. But opened the gate.

By this time, My Most Excellent Good Dog had rounded the Turkey House, saw that I was in mortal danger and crouched to strike.... but the rabbit took off running between the gardens and toward the wood pile. Titan was at it's very heels with Kai now closing in.

Bubby was still trying to figure out how to get around the fence. We'll be working on "go around" with Zander later but he gets points for being adorable.

In the distance I saw Ti and Kai chase the rabbit across the drive, up in to the knot of trees by the gate, and thrash around in the bramble for a while. A few minutes later they trotted out empty handed.

"Momma, I really wanted to keep George." Said Lucky woefully.

"I know, honey, it's OK." I said patting him.

Kai and Ti...and now Zander tracked the rabbits footie prints in the yard looking for additional intruders and trying to find out if it was still there.

I walked back in to the house, stunned.

"Honey!" I declared.

My husband looked up with that "what now?" look.... I tried to tell him what happened but frankly I'm not sure he believed me. At this point anything could happen and he'd just kind of look at me with that sideways, 'have you been drinking?' look. I gave up explaining and went back outside with the dogs.

We looked around but we couldn't find George. But I have a feeling that the dogs will be extra alert. We might get him yet.

It's queuing up to be a weird day, people.


Anonymous said...

omg...I'm freakin dying here! Love the "George" reference. And that's my Bubby...bless his heart, he was trying.

David said...

Imagine the stories brave George the spy will have around the campfire, how he single handedly held off not only the ruler of the good land but her most trusted lieutenants. I'd not stand for such mockery. Seriously.

Vera said...

Oh what joyful goings on at your place, OFG! As for the 'what now' look on your husband's face....I have been getting a lot of them lately, especially as I continue to try to get our home sorted out, which means occasional purchases from Amazon and our local second hand shop. Bless him, I don't think he can quite see the point of half the things I buy, but I do not buy without some thought as to if we need the article or not, but I am in homemaking mode and on a mission to get tidy.
(I am well, just overwhelmed with things at the moment which give little time to blog. Thanks for caring. Vx)

IanH said...

Never a boring moment !

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