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Sunday, November 22, 2015

First snow

Today it snowed. Real flakes coming down out of the sky. Technically there were probably only about 12 flakes total... but they were there.

That is a snow flake. You might have to squint to see it...but it's there .... oh yes, it's there.

So starts the season of snow rage. I officially hate everything about this season. No, I don't think it's pretty. No, I don't like snuggling in. And while I do like sloth by the fire - but only in limited amounts -.....and I do love The Fire.... all I can think about is how I"ll be trapped inside until this inhuman season is over.

The dog remains unfazed. 

Carry on joyfully without me, winter lovers..... my big plan is to sit on the couch, eat carbs, and think about summertime.


Onevikinggirl said...

I love snow! Abslutly love it. I love the soun, the way everything lights up. Beautiful
We had snow last night. i am so happy. And so done with it.
Thank you. Good bye. I am good for the season, thanks.

Vera said...

It's getting colder here now, and yes........ we are now roasty toasty warm now as well, and I can also snuggle up indoors this winter, and for this I feel very blessed. As for snow..... although we are very close to the Pyrenees mountains we hardly ever see a snowflake here, and if several should fall then they are normally melted back to water within hours. For this I am glad. I love to see the snow, but only on the mountains from a distance.

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