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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Or there is always cake....

If you need an alternative to pies, pies pies for your Turkey Day you can always let them eat cake!

We salute you, TurkZilla! He is greatly missed...but you know, I kinda like being able to walk outside with out being chased by this big galoot.

I really love this pumpkin spice cake.

However, if today is the ONE day your husband took your car.... and you were getting ready for an entire day of baking..... and YOU DON'T HAVE ANY FLOUR... you might just freak out.

I'm freaking out.

I'm currently evaluating options... they are all bad. Including...
* no cake
* no dinner rolls
* no PIE
* walking into town
* hooking up the dogs and mushing into town
* calling Uber and asking them to go into town
* sitting around and saying, 'screw it' and binging on 'the Netflix'
* sitting around and watching, The Pilgrims from PBS.
* sitting around and watching the Best Christmas Movie ever. Thank you Bruce Willis. You never fail to inspire.

So yeah... should be an interesting day here.

Just in case you need a little help with timing, ingredients, or 'how-to's' then Thanksgiving 101 is the best Turkey Day reference- even for beginners. The Kindle version is only $1.99 and it's the only reference that I use. The dinner rolls, provided you have flour, are the best ones ever.  I like this version because it's entirely approachable. Sure, I love Martha as much as the next guy but sometimes she is too fancy for some folks.

Just in case you need some turkey hijinks.... here is an amusing tale about the legendary TurkZilla... may he rest in piece. He is gone but not forgotten.

Happy Turkey Prep Day, everyone! Whatcha making?

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Moon-Shadows said...

Apparently we were tired by the time we plucked and processed the last turk. After flipping in the brine we noticed hundreds of black downy feather spots...jeesh either that or this turk was about to molt. So what do ya do??? Go to the dollar store, buy out there supply of tweezers, embrace and smile sweetly at all the strange looks....call up your best buds, offer beer (spluged on the good german dunkel) pizza and cookies....so um yeah no baking yet, busy defeathering the 35# plus wet monster turk!!!!

PJ said...

No flour! Oh no what will you do? Thanksgiving with no pie! That's just wrong. I will be making a pumpkin pie and apple pie later. I better go check my own flour supply.

Kate said...

When this happens here, I break out the grinder and the emergency supplies and grind up some wheat. Delicious crisis averted!!!

Unknown said...

yes! dog or goat sled into town! or borrow from your neighbours?

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