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Monday, January 25, 2016

I got my just deserts....

So I went somewhere warm, dry, and sunny...... it was terrific.

This time yesterday I was in the sun and not the snow.

Someone I know surprised me with a very, very generous gift - a plane ticket to visit them in the sunshine at "the world famous Cactus Resort."

There were palm trees... and sunshine.... so much sunshine. And the cacti were everywhere! I was told a tall tale about a jumping cactus. I wasn't sure I believed them.

We went hiking in the sunshine and found water in the desert... actually a lot of water. 

I saw lots of amazing things and ate my way across the metropolitan area. There were tacos. Real tacos. And cool coffee. And hot tamales. No really, I had tamales. Wow what a taste sensation!

And all kinds of food trucks under a fiery sky.

We visited farm type folks and I talked to a gal about raising pigz in the desert. Turns out it works. We even saw a cow farm!

Self portrait under a big blue sky. I could raise a lot of goats on this land.

The citrus crops grow like our tomatoes. And they have tomatoes too - what we consider to be seasonal produce grows year round.
Life is Good photobomb.... mighta ruined someone's picture.

Sometimes it's good to get out of your little corner of the world. I had a fantastic time and am extremely grateful to my hosts for such an incredible time. I'll be back and you can count on that!

Happy Monday everyone! How are you feeling about the snow? Could you live in the desert? I just might be able to...


David said...

Fantastic! Nice to get out of the cold for a bit..... I bet the animal horde missed you...

Nancy In Boise said...

I've thought about living somewhere milder, where I could grow produce year round. I think I'd miss the seasons. But maybe northern Florida???

buddeshepherd said...

You went on vacation also? Wow! Or was it just a bottle of Four Roses and the AAA road guide?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Dave - it was fabulous! and yes there was a total melt down here. it will take days to get the troops back into shape.

LHB - the only thing about Florida is the heat and humidity. they have a lot of rural areas tho and the inland area is full of farming. have you seen my pal IT Girl? she moved to florida and farms there:

Budd - yes. on vacay just like real people. it was amazing.

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