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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Just one more picture of the bacon....

I just have to show one more picture of the bacon.... it really worked out.

Look at it!

OK, I lied.... one more..... check this out.

This one was a lot more meaty - really beautiful.

Technically I think the second one is a smoked pancetta...Pancetta because of the seasoning but it's actually bacon because of the smoking.

In the end I weighed the smoked bacon and it was about 17 pounds. But that does not include the pancetta that is still drying. So if it is about the same then WOW what a bacon haul!

Happy Thursday everyone! Are you so excited about bacon? How's the snow looking?


Vera said...

That bacon looks stunning, OFG, and I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy eating it. We have not made pancetta yet, or ham, but when we eventually get our next lot of pig harvest I am definitely going to have a go. Well done you.... and your partner of course!

Anonymous said...

Not fair!!! Pictures of all that luscious looking bacon, little videos of bacon cooking...I am sooo drooling! Nice job!

Take care,
Lucy (Troy, Ohio)

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