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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mother Earth News - the Pitchfork Pulpit tells it like it is.

I'm not the biggest fan of Joel Salatin so wow was I amazed at his latest article in Mother Earth News.  "Precious Choreography Teaching You The Cycle of Life" in his The Pitchfork Pulpit column (Feb/March 2016, MEN) was pretty darn good. 

Meats on the move - from last summer.

I'm not a Joel hater... I just am kind of meh on him. But I really loved what he had to say. He talked about introducing kids to the butchering process and also his positions on the ethical dilemma. For our part we don't see it as a dilemma...and as far as we can tell from the farm kids we know - if the parents freak out at butcher time then the kids will. If they parents don't, the kids won't. 

Folks ask all us the time how we can butcher the food that we know. We honestly don't struggle with it at all. The cycle of life spins in a really tight circle around here - and we have a front seat to the whole thing. So we aren't shocked, horrified, or grossed out.

We are also profoundly practical people. So that helps too.

If you are thinking about making your own meat this summer then pick up the latest issue of MEN and read Joel's article. It might help settle some things in your mind about the whole process. They don't have a link to it now but I'm sure it will be online soon.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


David said...

I read that and also thought it was pretty good. Small children pick up cues from their parents. It is a relatively small population of world that does not interact with their food while it is still alive.

Moon-Shadows said...

Had to make a trip into the big city for a supply run. Friend and I were standing in line at a big warehouse type store talking about this very same topic...A man, late 20s, said to us...
" ya'll raise real animals, and then butcher and eat them?" To which we replied with our standard always ready comeback of what a great life we give them, and they only have one bad day, speal etc... and he says...." you country people are so barebaric!! Why dont you get meat from the grocery store, where its lab created in a factory farms, and no animals are killed, like everyone else?"
I stood there in shock for a moment, expecting he was kidding and then several other people behind him all chimed in that they agreed, meat created at factory farms was better, and no real qnimals were hurt!!! Smh. Whats next, robot cows that make milk?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

yep, Dave, as non-parents the weirdest thing we see are people answering for their children, "No, they wont like that" when the kids are interested in trying something new. *shrugs*

Moon-Shadows..that might just take the cake! and ha! yep - we hear all kinds of comments. *thinks about how cool a robot cow would be.....*

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