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Monday, January 11, 2016

This was happening in the kitchen....

This is what was happening in the kitchen yesterday......

Cats. On the hunt. 

Apparently it's not just me who deals with mice living in the drawer of the stove. We all keep lids in there and wash the mouse footie prints off them all the time. Ew!

But Bitty, Nicholas, and Little Mo heard a mouse so they all set out on the hunt. It went on for a long time.

There was a lot of shrieking. All of it by me.

My husband finally had to come and take the lid-free drawer outside and we thought we were safe.


A little while later I heard weird noise and ran out to see.........Little Mo the victor!!

Our most tender cat.

I couldn't believe it. Our most tender cat, the most mild, gentle, and sensitive little one.... Little Mo who was The World's Worst Barncat was the one who caught the mouse!

It must have been all that coaching from Nicholas.

Whatever spurred Little Mo to bloodlust - it worked. He is now asking us to call him by his gangster name, The Notorious Mo-zee.

We'll see about that.

I wasn't entirely surprised about the mouse invasion. The weather turned yesterday and so now we finally will get winter. No one is happy ... except for the cats. The Season of the Hunt is on!

Happy Monday everyone! Do you have a mouse in your house? Did your most gentle cat get it and then go all gangster on you?


Granna Girl said...

My Jack Russell decided she's a mouser and caught one Friday. Since then I've set traps and caught 7 more!! Sunday morning one of the traps caught two mice, side by side, trying to get to the peanut butter! These are plastic traps I found at Walmart and so easy to set. Good luck with your kitties!

Onevikinggirl said...

The man tells me mice (let's call them mice) are not uncommon in Amsterdam but althought we live in a scuffy apartmen, so far I have been in luck. I, capital I, will however be he one by the lidless drawer with my biggest trap, patiently waiting. Then we'll see if Nicholas has anything to teach me, or if I'll ask him over just for the fun of hunting together. (Now that you have Da Mo in da house, surly you would't mind?)

lizzybaxter said...

Oh my gosh yes! Why do they always go for the stove drawer???? I had one in there, and pulled out the drawer and Abby the Tabby (again, the gentle cat, not the hunter) went for him but when she caught him she just wanted to play with him! Argh!! Long story short, I ended up catching him under a tupperware container, took him outside, dropped him in front of my best Hunter, and he made short work of him.

As soon as the weather changes, you can count on them...Gross. Dang rodents.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks Granna Girl! and great work with the JRT - thanks for stopping by.

ha!, OneVG.... Nicholas has let me know that he would need a first class ticket to fly all the way there. but he sends you hugs and kisses!

Way to go Abby et al! and yeah with this weather turning... we'll have mice in droves. ick!

PJ said...

Way to go Little Mo. Keep those nasty critters out of the house.

Vintage Maison said...

I was left a birthday gift yesterday by FatBoyFat: yes, a lovely, plump little mouse. It was left on my spot on the sofa but I managed to spot it before sitting down. FatBoyFat was curled up nearby, fast asleep.

Vera said...

Don't think we have mice in the house at the moment, but we do have rats in the barns attached to the house. And then there was the rat in the hay bale, which the dogs said was there, and upon investigation they proved themselves right and a splendid chase ensued. It kept them happy for ages! Nothing caught, but it did give them some much needed exercise.

Onevikinggirl said...

Tell Nicholas that I still love him even if he is a diva :)

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