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Friday, January 8, 2016

Marooned with meat...and musings.

I didn't finish it. The meat. I didn't get it done yesterday. Today I am marooned with meat.

Honestly I'm tired of looking at meat... but I can't get enough of Little Mo's paws...

Yesterday I was positive I would be done with all this meat. I could see the light at the end of the meat tunnel when...... My husband called and I had to go and get him because of work tomfoolery. It took most of the afternoon. Then today he had to take my car.... so here I am stranded. Marooned with meat.

 This happened yesterday. How cute is this? Those are Kai's paws on top and Ti's on the bottom. 
They slept like this for a while - with their feet touching. 

My friend, A., gave me that title. I'm going to write a book called Marooned With Meat. It's gonna be about a gal who is shipwrecked on an island which happens to be inhabited by wild pigz. She makes ever effort to live peacefully with the pigz... but they are too damn stinky and they keep terrorizing her.

Finally, she can't take it one more second and goes on a violent and victorious one-woman war against the pigz which results in a lot of pork chops. The King Pigz seeks vengeance and just when all hope is lost.... The Dog Horde swoop in and repel down from Blackhawk helos piloted by cats and... and.... apparently I've put way to much thought into this.

All the meat is meddling with my mind. 

So today... TODAY is the day I will be done with all this meat. Or else.

In the meantime, has everyone run right out and bought a superduperpowerlotto ticket? We are gonna win, I just know it. I may have given up on my hopes of becoming the Grand Poobah of Goosenstein. I have a new plan now. Someone get on the horn to Elon Musk of SpaceX and tell him if I win I'm going to make a major investment.

In return I want a job there. Not a hard job - but more like a ceremonial one like I'm the guy who says, "Hey we need more free snacks and drinks in the staff kitchen on the 3rd floor." Or something like that. But I want to be paid a lot of money to work there in return for my big investment. Elon could probably do more good with all that money and I'd probably do better if I had a reason to get up and put a clean shirt on every day. If I just lazed around all day things could get bad.

Just in case you win, here is a great tutorial of what you should do. I have our escape all planned out also.... I'm going to charter a jet to fly me and the dogs and cats to a secure location,  have someone meet me at a private airfield, then we will  jump in a black SUV, and zoom off to parts unknown. My husband will be the one to claim the jackpot then he can meet us at an undisclosed location...which may or may not be near the SpaceX headquarters. That's my plan. 

Happy Friday everyone! Are you done with all the meat yet? Today... today had better be the day I get done.

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Vera said...

Oh I do so empathize with you about feeling as if you are drowning in meat. I was very much of the same mindset last November and December, and thought I would never get to the end of the meat harvest! Hope you managed to win the meat battle. For myself, my ongoing battle with keeping up with making cheese because my husband is eating almost as fast as I can make it!

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