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Friday, February 5, 2016

All's well that ends happily for Ajax!

Good news for working K9 lovers everywhere - former Officer Hickey was able to purchase his partner, Ajax for just one dollar from the City of Marietta. This news report was really terrific - you can tell how glad the handler was for all the support. I'm pretty sure Ajax just wants to know what all the fuss is about and to play ball.

My Nicholas. Definitely not a shovel and will never be auctioned. 

You can read more about the goings on here. There actually was some presendence for this discison so I'm not entirely sure that Mr. "He's just a shovel" LawDirector should get all the credit for this resolution. If you listened closely to the very end of that cringe inducing press conference someone in the crowd said that Jim Smith was on his way down from northern Ohio to meet with the city officials.

You can hear the Marietta officials ask "Who's that?"

Officer Smith and his K9 partner, Valor, were in the same situation in 1998. The law was changed then to accommodate that situation. While it might be a "little known" statute... the news and of course Officer Smith knew about it.

However it worked out I'm just glad it did. Maybe there is hope for the rest of us if a bad situation worked out for Hickey and Ajax. It's just too bad that it took so much public outcry to do the right thing. But sometimes.. just sometimes... social media works.

Happy Friday everyone!

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lizzybaxter said...

I heard they had raised around $60K to help him purchase the dog, and they are now going to use that money to buy bulletproof vests for officers and their dogs. :)

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