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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What a snow! And Bubby blows his coat.

Sometimes this blog is about my personal record keeping - like today. I need to note that we had a ridiculous snow over night.... so bad hat we have been under a "Level Two Snow Emergency." This means that pretty much everything is shut down.

There be dire wolves here. My Zander's paw print.

Our roads have been plowed but it's still a disaster out there. To make it worse it's a big ol' heavy, wet snow that is bending over all the trees. We had some flickering lights earlier. So far so good... for now.

Foolish me. I shoveled off half the deck so the dogs wouldn't have to sit in the snow. *sigh*

Of course the dogs love it. My crew can't get enough of mushing thru the snow. As you can see from the above pic.... that whole "If you are cold, they are cold. Bring them in..." thing is  a bunch of crap. Ha! Not my crew. They are happiest in the snow. I'm the one that gives up first and makes them go inside.

And as luck would have it, over the last couple days with our coldest temperatures of the year, Zander is blowing his coat. That means he is shedding all at once. There is fur everywhere. EVERY.WHERE. The local birds love it - there are a lot of nests being lined with Bubby fur. It's hilarious to find them. But pretty much the vacuum started crying when the fur started flying.

We are calling Zander, "Patchy" for the foreseeable future. 

Today will be about brushing out my Bubby and hoping the electric stays on.

Happy Tuesday everyone - are you getting a snow day?


TwoBlueJays said...

The weather here in SW Ohio has been equally up and down. Our poor Newf hasn't been sure which way to go with his fur. I finally had him groomed because I couldn't keep up with the shed. Literally the minute he was home from there, he started to blow coat. Argh. Vacuum, apologies in advance.

Unknown said...

Here is Texas its a a balmy 72'....

Ohiofarmgirl said...

oh no, TwoBlueHJays! tell your Newfie i said hi! an ha! we are all in this together.

Summer, that sounds like heaven. enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

had a foot of snow here and had no power for 11 hours. i had gone to bed at 1 a.m., with only 2 inches on the ground, thinking maybe it wouldn't be so bad. but we had the foot of snow by 5:30 a.m., when the power went out, so it was hardest on our farmers and other early risers/workers this time. but better this week than last, when it was around zero degrees. --suz in NE ohio

Vera said...

Our two rottweiller girls are the exact opposite of your gang.....they don't 'do' rain, mud, or cold, and prefer to stay tucked up indoors.
Hope the snow goes soon, and that your electricity stays on.
Hope you are able to stay tucked up and warm.

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