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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Claw

So this happened yesterday....


Our El Grande Fuzzalotopuss can easily reach the tops of the counters if he stands on his back feet. I was parting up chickens. It was a bad combination.

After a lot of complaining, and some hand to hand combat, I finally relented and gave Nicholas a chicken neck. I thought maybe it would be good for him to chew on to clean his teeth.
(Note: this is not an invitation to start the fight about feeding raw. Just no.)

Nicholas completely went feral. Completely.

He even hissed! At me!  Then things went bad for him - I took it away because we can't have that level of insubordination.

The Claw seeks it's victim....

But he got me back later with all the puking. So. Much. Puking.

Never again, Nicholas! Keep your paws off my chicken!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Do you have a lot of help in the kitchen?


PJ said...

Once a friend of mine had a steak stolen right out of the frying pan by her cat!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

cats. they are always working against you, PJ... always.

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