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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sunny, 84*, and seed planting!

Yesterday was just like summer. The dogs and I worked outside all day doing garden prep and seed planting. It was glorious. Everyone was happy...... except for Zander who got hot and wanted to go back inside.

Today is more of the same.  I can't wait to get out there! Look at these cheap seeds!

If you think getting a garden going is expensive then, friend, you aren't living right. Cheap and easy - that's how we do it around here.

First, make your own seed starting mix. Toss together peat moss, compost, and a soil lightener like vermiculite. I've used perlite in the past so I'll letcha know how this goes.

I found this huge bag of vermiculite at Meynards. I've never seen it in a big bag before. It was $16.

Next, get a bunch of freebies from Lowes. Do you know you can just walk into the back of the Lowes Garden Center and get free nursery pots and trays? These are really great - they are nice and deep. Perfect for starting seeds.

Then get your seeds! I actually really love the $0.20 ones... or for just $0.59.... or these nice ones from Burpee that I got on sale from Meynards's. Tractor Supply usually has them on sale also. For $2 or $3 you can grow all the tomatoes you can carry.

Then get growing!

I'm heading out again this morning. Happy Tuesday everyone!


Cottontail Farm said...

I think some people are turned off when they see a single seedling for $2.98 at the a big box store. But, around here the various dollar stores have seeds 4 for a dollar which is perfect for most people (how many sugar pie pumpkin seeds do you really need?)
Also, when I was working for the County I learned that "food growing" purchases (seeds, starts, etc) can actually be purchased with food stamps. I think this varies by state.

Vera said...

You must be feeling pleased that you have finally got going with seed planting. Much better than being stuck indoors doing housework.

Coco said...

Ooh questions! What do you start and transplant and what and when do you direct seed?

Thank you!

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