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Friday, June 3, 2016

End of week report.

Wow what a week! A lot has been going on but the very very best thing is that it's finally summer! I love summer so much. I wish it was summer all the time. Spring - just means that summer is coming. Fall? Nope don't care, sure it's nice.... and winter is the absolute worst. But summer? The absolute best.

I love everything about summer!

I love the way summer looks - I love the lighting, I love the colors, I love the late summer sunsets. I love the food, the tastes, the smells... everything. If I had my druthers I'd live somewhere that I can get up every morning, put on my shorts, and go be outside all day. 

Our huge grill up from the other weekend.

In my Heaven it is the Eternal Summer where the sun always shines, there are tons of fireflies, the sun stays up late and gets up early, and everyone is happy. The drinks are cold, the grill is hot, the skies are bright, the growing season never stops, and no one ever even thinks about snow.

What if it gets too hot? Just go inside and cool off. In summer you can always get up early and enjoy at least some of the day. In winter, it's all just one big misery all day long.

My work crew. They don't do much planting but they love to dig holes.

Last nite I had to go somewhere and came home when it was just about dark. It reminded me of that one time I was nightdriving. Yesterday was the reason that I love summer - the whole thing. The dogs and I worked outside, I didn't have to mow the grass, and I got to be outside until just about 9 last nite.

What's going on here? A lot.

Nibbles has been getting out of the fence which has greatly vexed me. However, I think my husband solved the problem yesterday by adjusting the hotwire. I hope to hear her screams as she tests the fence today. She's already been threatened with The Auction if she doesn't knock it off.

The broccoli and celery is doing great.

I took our Shine, King of Barncats, to the vet yesterday for a tune up. Mercifully, it did not end with a soul crushing emergency vet bill. He just needed some shots and is doing great. He got an A+++.

Speaking of Shine, The Bunny Menace has returned. Shine has been doing a lot of hunting.... and we've been chasing after him taking away his bunny kills. So we've been sending My Fighting Uruk-Hai to bring my vengeance. But she needs to run a little faster or she'll never get any of them. It's big fun for everyone.

The bugs continue to bug me. They are loud. And now they are starting to die. It's gross. Their dead bodies are everywhere. Piles of them. Ew! Zander continues to eat the bugs.

I really thought this would be some cool science thing.. this whole once-in-17-years-bug-hatch-thing. I thought, "yay science!"... but all I got was a big tooty, poopy dog and a headache from the noise.

Salad. Just out there waiting for me.

And finally, I have enough lettuce to make a salad! I'll get some happy snaps today of my big victory. My salad bowls are really working and are my best thing so far.  I'm really looking forward to more produce as the growing season goes along.

Happy Friday everyone! Are you enjoying summer?


Unknown said...


Ohiofarmgirl said...

ha! yes Nastasha that is exactly it. ha!

David said...

I like the late spring. hate the hot fire swamp. Glad you are happy.

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