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Friday, June 17, 2016

Nine chicks, lemon cake, and a Bubby-bee....

It's been an adventurous last several days....

 Just a few of the new peeps. They are a hoot!

We ended up with a bunch chicks under the garage hen... they are doing great and the momma may, in fact, be part piranha. I was able to snap a few pix before she fluffed up and charged me.

Since we are supposed to be reducing our poultry numbers we were surprised to find there were... nine. Ooops. This news was not met with wild enthusiasm.

So, of course, we made lemon cake because that fixes everything. I'm sure I'll be making a trip up to the livestock auction.

The cake was really good. However, I frosted it a bit too soon and the cake was still too warm. So we had a cake-valanche and the top slid off. We had a good laugh, I put it all back together, and secured it with toothpicks. It's now in the fridge. Even tho you aren't supposed to refrigerate cakes... I gotta tell you, a cold lemon cake is extremely refreshing. 

And then we had some of this. Really, little slug? Get out of my salad.  Ew!

We also had a minor crisis here with Zander. It's always something..Poor Bubby got stung in the face by a bee. His poor face started to swell up and his eye was almost swollen closed.

My handsome Zander before he was done in by a Bubby-bee.

Good thing I have the vet on speed dial. They always answer the phone, "Hi, OFG, what now?"  I told him to either give me the right dose of Benadryl or to tell me when to start driving to them. We got the dose and I fixed my Bubby right up. One of my friends said that he got stung by a "Bubby-bee." It was very funny.

Bubby was back to rights the next morning. We walked the Dog Moat to make sure there wasn't a nest of mean ground beez... but I think the sting was from Zander always leading with his nose.

We've been having some hot days so I've been working outside early. I really love this time of year... the long days are so fantastic. The garden is growing....and I think The Loud Bugs are starting to die off. What a great week!

Happy Friday everyone! Do you like lemon cake? Did your biggest dog get stung by a bee?


Caroline J. Baines said...

I'm all caught up - I've read every post from the first to the last! Thank you for sharing your life with us. You're an awesome story teller and I look forward to reading your new posts each time they come out.

Love & Grace (the collies) are telling Zander to keep his nose out of the beez business ;)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

yay! THANKS Caroline! really appreciate your kind words... and for reading. give L and G smooches from me...and Z will listen to their advice!

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