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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

We lose power. And remembering Blow Hard 2012...

As typical with this part of the country we had some storms develop last nite with the unstable atmosphere. Just before it all started I checked the radar and we decided to run right out there and get the masses shoved in before it was too late. We got done just in the nick of time.

These two have been my best garden helpers.

Just as we were settling down when we were safely back inside..... we lost power. I figured it would just be for a couple minutes..... then a couple more. Then I just gave up and went to bed.

It was 8:30pm.

Pretty sure that was my punishment when I was a kid but an early bedtime...when it was technically still light out.... is a luxury.

We finally got the power back about 11pm...that is really when you find out how many lights you've had on in the house.

It reminded me about the huge storm we had several years ago and how well our storm preps have always served us. We were not even concerned last nite. We have a couple ways to keep the freezers cold, plenty of water and food on hand, and the house had been cooled down so we didn't even bat an eye.

It was a good reminder, tho, to stay on top of your storm preps. Remember, fast food is not going to save you during an emergency.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Do you have a plan for power outages? Are your summer storm preps ready for action?

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