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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wormer Wednesday and Farm Notes

It's Wednesday so it must be......

Wormer Wednesday!

I know.. I know.. technically you DE-worm goats...but for heaven's sakes there is no reason to be so particular. Wormer.. Dewormer... Whatever.

With the exception of once a year, right after the goats have their babies, we use Hoegger Supply's Herbal Wormer found here. Using a non-chemical method is in keeping with our "let's not dose 'em unless we have to" method of stock keeping... and frankly, I'm not sure I want all those chemicals swimming around in the milk I give to the hens, dogs, and also.. us.

When we use a chemical wormer we don't drink the milk for a while.. but we give it to the dogs and it actually seems to help them out. But with this product, there is no milk "withholding" period. So we can just go on about our business.

(And pssst.... if you look into it, you'll find that the same stuff you worm your dogs with is the same thing you worm your goats with! Shhhh! Its a secret! But everyone knows! Make sure you do your research tho... some dogs cannot tolerate some of the chemicals.)

Its easy-peasy to use. When you first start out you need to give it twice a day for three days.. then once ever week. I just sprinkle the recommended amount on a bit of sweet feed, sprinkle on a little water so it will stick, then feed it to the goats while they are on the milk stand. Easy, quick, and I do it on Wednesday so I'll remember. So far we've had great success.

Farm Notes:
* Big News! Cindy Lou the goose is down! Finally she is setting a nest! This will be Day 3 for her - yay!
* I put Raspberry my lovely French Hen on 5 turkey eggs 2 nites ago, she won't be moved
* Planted a couple rows of sweet corn (Silver Queen) behind the sunflowers and the 3 sisters in all gardens
* Planted some of the front garden: beans, carrots, chard, kale on the south side between the walk ways
* Shoveled out and re-created pathways for the new front garden.

But (one of the most exciting) bits of info is that Tilda the wild turkey has been out and about! She's been saucing all around the jakes and was up by the gate, right by the back deck! She doesn't run when I call to her and I've been leaving food out for her.  She stayed in the shade so this was the best picture I got of her

She was talking to the ducks about where to get the best treats.

Happy Planting everyone!


murphysranch said...

OFG - do you worm your chickens?

Chai Chai said...

Great link, I have ordered supplies from these folks before so I will look into their wormer.

Weekend Cowgirl said...

My goats are not milk goats, but I think I will try some of this herbal wormer. Thanks for the link.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hey WCG! You will love this stuff - easy to use and really effective. We've also noticed that their coats are much nicer.

Alaena said...

Thanks for the link for the wormer! I like the idea of worming on the same day every week. Wormer Wednesdays it is!

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