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Friday, November 26, 2010

Post Turkey Day let down?

Now I'm not pointing fingers.... but I'm sure everyone has had a kind of disappointing turkey day at one time or another. You know.. you go over to someone else's house and its just not the same?  Or worse, you don't get any left overs. Well there is a cure, friends. I present to you.... easy peasy turkey breast and stuffing:

 Get off the couch and make yourself some leftovers!

Either you already scored your own $4 turkey and have a turkey breast or two in the freezer, or you were out at 3AM shopping the sales and got a "free turkey with purchase" at one of the big chains. Either way, run don't walk to your own kitchen and whip out some quick and easy "leftovers" so you won't be denied that turkey sandwich you are craving.

Step one: Get the cheapest bread you can find, toast it, and have your loving assistant rip it into chunks.
Step two: Season and moisten according to your favorite recipe, then dump in a buttered baking dish.
Step three: Plop in your (thawed) turkey breast directly on top of the stuffing, heavily salt and pepper the skin, dot with butter, pour some stock in the pan, and shove the whole shootin' match in the over at 350* - 400* for about an hour and 15 minutes.

Start checking at an hour to make sure the stuffing isn't getting over crispy (cover with foil if it is).

How easy is that? Now all you have to do is get the mayo and make that sandwich.

Happy leftovers everyone!


Mr. H. said...

Looks good! I think next year (or sooner) we are going to make your meatballs and have an Italian Thanksgiving.:)

Grandpa said...

Simple and cheap - that's what I like.
After this can get back to bacon,eh OFG?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

How funny, Mr. H! We made meatballs yesterday - they were terrific. Tonite I had some over greens - and that was a super supper for sure.

Oh... bacon.. Grandpa, very soon I will be back in bacon business. I can't wait! I was checking the pigs today.. they are just about ready.

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