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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Run for your lives!

Hunting season starts.....
We have been hiding in the house the last couple of days because its.... dun dun DUUUNNNN...

Youth Hunting Season

I'm not entirely sure who's good idea this was but we've been keeping the turkeys incarcerated, the geese up by the house, and the dogs in a constant 'line of sight' ("stay where i can see you!").  As for ourselves we've been wearing bright orange hats and jackets, and running in a slow arching patterns while outside doing chores.

We aren't hunters ourselves because we think its easier to just go out in the yard and say, "Hey Meat! Come on over here so we can have you for dinner," instead of all that standing around in the woods. I don't have any problem with hunting - in fact, we like that they are keeping the "land rats".. I mean.. deer populations down. I just don't want any of them drunk ya-whoos tromping thru my woods and shooting at my pigs before the bacons done, if you know what I mean.

The best hunting story I heard was the guy who was all proud of himself for bringing down the elusive "black deer."  Turns out he checked in someone's goat. 

Debbie, not a deer. But she is a dear.

We usually dress our hogs on the first weekend of deer season, not on purpose but it happens. Last year we took our hams down to the local butcher when they were checking in the hunters. Our hams were bigger than some of the deer that were checking in. I think some of them boys felt pretty bad about us laughing at them. Yikes!


As promised, here are some cute puppy pictures. Everyone recovered from the hog harvest? I'll give you fair warning when I do the detailed, technical description but for now... how about this little angel?

She figured out she can bark so has been trying out her woofer. And her little ears are trying so hard to stand up.

Its taking longer and longer for us to run all the wiggles out of her. She's sleeping less and pupping around more.

Her brothers love her... even if she is the tag-along little sister and her whole head is smaller than Lucky's muzzle. She'll get big soon enough...but for now we are enjoying her puppiness. 

Happy Sunday evening everyone! Enjoy the full moon!


Mama Mess said...

LOL! We feel the same way, it's just so much easier to have your pet meat in the back yard than skulking 'round the woods. We used to hunt when we had more land, but now I just try to make sure Champ and the goat girls are close to the house during these two weekends. I don't worry so much about bow season for some reason......

Pup dog is a little doll!

Grandpa said...

You love bacons don't you, OFG?

I would do a regular headcount on those goats, if i were you...

Mr. H. said...

Youth hunting season, now that's a scary thought. You may have the cutest puppy around, he looks like a little fluff ball.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

you said it GW! but we have a lot of deer just wondering around in the back of our property. we might give it a try.. but dang its easy just to walk out to the hen house and ask for a "volunteer."

hi Grandpa! its all about the bacon, for sure.

Goats are all present and counted for...whew!

Hi Mr. H - we are smitten with the pup for sure. She's got the sillies most of the time. Her little bark is slayin' me.

Heiko said...

It's been hunting season here for a while. The scariest is our next door neighbour who has half inch thick glasses. You want to be in a different country when he swings his rifle over his shoulder!

Eddie is asking when he can come over to play with your pup!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Take cover, Heiko!! Yeah.. its kinda funny around here to see some crazy eyed guy walking along the freeway with a high powered rifle.. but thats hunting season for you!

Please tell Eddie that Kai has lots of wiggles and really needs someone to run around with! She is exhausting poor Lucky.

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