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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mo Scape

I'm so sick of snow snow snow and more snow that I can't look at one more snow-scape... so here's a Little Mo Scape.

Little Mo's ears are both notched from his hard days outside



Up close of one of his Doomspoons - be afraid... be very afraid....

Sweet Little Mo face

Little Mo is the youngest member of The Insane Cat Posse. He was The World's Worst Barncat who came inside when we couldn't stand worrying about him one more second. His superpower is cuteness - he's a vortex of adorableness. Right now he is laying by the fire sucking all the cute out of the room.

Happy Saturday everyone!


Buttons Thoughts said...

So cute.

Veggie PAK said...


Mr. H. said...

I have an extra barn cat that adopted us if you need another...she is a very feisty young calico named Nikita Katerina aka the Holy Terror. Let me know and I'll ship her your way.:)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks Buttons! I'm totally smitten with this kitten.

VPak.. do you have cats? Our Shine is a mighty hunter out in the yard. He keeps the moles away.

NO!!! Mr. H we have plenty of 'volunteers' here.. but I do love little cali's! Peeper is our holy terror... I bottle raised her amidst jeers and hysterical laughter of vet techs all over the country..."you're bottle raising... a... a... CALICO".. and then they all fell in a heap laughing. I see what is so funny now. sheesh! Please tell Nikita that Peep sends her regards.

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