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Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger back up! And happy Friday!

Oh golly I guess blogger is back up. Sorry for the disappearing tater post - hopefully they will get it restored. I couldn't get on to write my pig post while all systems were done, but I'll work on that later on. As for now, all I have time to do is wish everyone a Happy Friday!

Strawberries in the making

And all you PacNorthWest folks who are wanting some of our July-in-May heat.. you can have it! Yesterday we scrambled to get the first batch of creepy meat chickens out of the hen house and into a new shelter. The trees that normally shade the hen house from the hot summer sun haven't even leafed out yet - and we were sure the meats would be cooked. They are stunned but content in their new outside house.

More on all of that later. Stay cool and dream of strawberries! Happy Friday
Special Note to "G" who is on blog-cation. Sorry, Pal but my note to you in my comments was deleted. Sending you again my warmest wishes and happiest of hello's. Can't wait til you get back and tell us all about your time away and the going's on at your place.

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