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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Farm notes - berries and pears and mud

Well there is no joy here in Mudville... just mud mud mud and more mud with extra mud on the side. If this keeps up we'll have a banner year for apples and pears and such... and a really late harvest for everything else.

The pears are getting bigger....

...and the blueberries are forming up.....

 ... and we have strawberries in training.

A few farm notes...

* Penny, our momma goose, is still setting on her nest. Most of the time. Some of the time she just fusses around and picks at this and that. I'm not sure how well she is doing - or how well her eggs are doing. I guess we'll find out soon enough.
* Happy, my little duck, quit her nest and is now kind of lethargic. She seems out of sorts - but maybe its just the mud. I put her in with the hens at nite so she can have some peace and quiet.
* My little milking buddy, Bianca (and other aliases) the duck, is doing great. She is really screwed down tight on that nest and rarely gets up. I think she might be able to hear the peeping but there are no new little friends yet.
* The creepy meats (Group #1) are doing well in their new digs. Some of them have figured out to stay inside when its raining. Creepy meat just ain't that smart. For sure. Creepy Meat Group #2 are actually pretty darn lively.  They are still in the hen house. We have the "extra" regular chicks in with them and they seem pretty happy.
* One of the turkey hens has been benched. She had a terrible wound on her side - probably from the toms. We have her in the guinea coop for now. She's doing well so far. Since she didn't flop over dead the first day I think she'll make it.We are keeping an eye on her and feeding her a lot of protein to help in healing.
* Pigz are piggin' along. They've decided that the straw won't burn their skin off (or whatever reason they are afraid of it) and I hope they are snuggling it at night and not taking it all out of their shelter.
* My Improper Cheddar is now resting and drying for a few days. I think I need more weights, tho, for next time.
* We went to a different feed store today and ended up paying $9.50 for a 50# bag of cracked corn. That is just ridiculous.
* Tractor Supply had shrubs and perennials on sale today for $0.99 and $1.49 - a good deal no matter how you slice it. 

We're hoping for a dry day soon. Hope you are not stuck in the mud like us! Happy Wednesday!


Aly said...

We're muddier than all get out here - sure makes mowing difficult.

The chickens here keep reminding me that they are NOT ducks. I told them to take it up with The Man Upstairs, because I've no control over the rain.

One of our peach trees has a blight, and while we have the stuff to treat it, can't apply it in all this crappy rain!

Happy Wednesday!

Rae said...

Jealous of your fruit! We've got baby strawberries, but our apples and blueberries are still in full bloom mode. It's killing me, waiting to see if the old apple tree on the property will produce any fruit this year. I am not a very patient person. :)

Jody said...

We just put our "creepy meat" out today... in the rain. We'll see if they have enough sense to stay dry.

Anonymous said...

My meat are very smart. The go in when it's cold and rainy and they keep their little pullet friends warm with their big meaty bodies. I've not had any complaints about these guys except that when I went to weigh them last week, one of them feels like it has a weird growth on it's breast. He acts healthy enough, eats, drinks, plays, so I figure in 3 weeks time when they meat their maker (harharhar!) I'll see what's going on with his wonky breast.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Aly - even our ducks are complaining!

Ha! Rae - I often employ "Klingon Management Techniques" in my gardening. I'm not very patient either!

Jody - how'd your creepy meat do?

Allie - let me know how it goes.. you know.. when your meat meets its maker! That weird growth could be green muscle disease. Its gross but not harmful.

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