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Monday, May 2, 2011

Bucket of chicken

So we got a bucket of chicken on Sunday....

...actually it was a couple buckets. It was the easiest way to move the creepy meats!

Thank heaven those stinky birds are out of our basement. They smelled bad and there was a lot of peeping. We'd been keeping both sets of creepy meats in the basement because we've had iffy weather and we needed a couple dry days to get the hen house shoveled out and cleaned up.

For now we have the older and younger groups separated in one of our coops. I used a cut down hog panel to divide a big coop. Both groups have feeders and waterers - they just can't roam around together. The bigger ones were just too big and threw their weight around a little too much. I'm keeping the standard chicks (2 Wyandottes and 3 mutt chicks the duck hatched) in the house. We need to set up a new area for them - right now a couple of the duck hens are trying to set nests in our spare coops!

Saturday we finally had a dry and sunny day. We had an epic burn pile and then we worked on fencing for the new pig area! We'll get our oinkers pretty soon and we are thrilled. But today we drug our goats, Debbie and Nibbles, down to the new pig yard so they can clear the high brush out enough so we can run the electric. Nibbles had a break down and is going to "call someone" about the rough treatment. But - both Nibbles and Debbie's milk production was off the charts. They'll be down there again tomorrow.

Have a great Monday everyone!


Mr. H. said...

Well move over KFC, here comes Ohio and her creepy meats.:) Sounds like you have had a pretty wet spring this year...lots of mud...and puppy tracks I would imagine. Can't wait to see your new piggies.

Unknown said...

Yep - I've got the musical brooder thing going on too. 3 sets of chicks, 1 almost broody duck (c'mon already Fran!) and hens that need to be culled but we can't because our culling area is under water. It's a big crazy mess, lol. Fun times, huh?

becky3086 said...

I have a pen of big meat bird, 4 of which I butchered Sunday, a pen of small meat birds and layer chicks and I am hoping for some more quail today or tomorrow. I don't believe I could ever have the stinky meat bird in the house.

Leontien said...

ok soooo, got a little question (maybe it's an incredible dumb one) so here we go:
Those chickens in the bucket aren't dead, right???

you moved them (wel if i read the post correctly) you did, but in the bucket they look... well... kinda still...?

I told you probably dumb question...

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Pigs will be here soon, Mr. H! Can't wait!

Java - its reeeeee-diculous here. But I think we about have it worked out.

Becky - they are so stinky! Glad you got some of yours ready for dinner.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Leo - you are just perfect! No dumb questions here. These chickies are still alive and kicking. Unlike "regular" chickens, the meat birds have only two speeds:
1. full stop
2. freaking out

They were very happy to sit still in the buckets - until I picked them up. Then there was a lot of flapping. Luckily they all stayed IN the buckets until I got them to their new home. These wont be ready to "come to dinner" until June.

Weekend Cowgirl said...

It is good you are not in poultry business as "creepy meats" would probably not be a big seller!!! Sounds like you are busy on the farm. We are also, but I don't have any creepy meats to care for!

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