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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Too Cutes New Home

The Too Cutes have a new home!

We want to thank K and her beautiful family for giving the Too Cutes a fabulous new home!  We are thrilled how this all worked out and were so happy to meet new friends.

We had juuuuuuust about decided that maybe we were going too soft on the Too Cutes and maybe we should keep them ...... Oh golly these little loves lived up to their name or sure. All the adorable pippin' and popping and running about was wearing us down. But then I got a reply to my craigslist ad for the remaining two of five Nibbles' babies. We kinda thought we would keep them.

However, I have a couple of good reasons why we keeping little goats wouldn't be our best idea.   Zander is going to be in his rambunctious phase thru the summer and all we'd have to do was turn our head for a minute ...and those little ones would be done for. And most of our fencing would not contain little goats who are still smaller than our littlest hens. Keeping them probably wouldn't have worked out the way wanted.

But...when I got a reply and asked a couple questions.. well... I knew this was one of those great situations that one of my favorite teachers calls a "divine appointment." One of those "just so happens" situations were it all comes together in a tidy little package straight from heaven.

Turns out this young couple just moved back to Ohio after the husband finished his religious studies so they could start a farm and a ministry for special needs kids.  I know - how great is that?  We knew that this would be the best place for those baby goats - what could be better?

So we loaded up the truck with a few pieces of poultry to help get their farm started - and the Too Cutes - and drove four counties over to meet them at an exit that was just about equal distance for both of us. I'll tell you what tho, two "very-farm" trucks meeting at a gas station off the freeway gets you the sheriff doin' a drive by in about 3 minutes flat.  Even if all's you're doin' is exchanging poultry and baby goats  We laughed. But none of us ended up in the back of the sheriff's car so we were glad.

K let me know that their little boy had already picked out names for the Too Cutes - Bubblegum and Marsellina. Is that great or what? So we loaded them up with what we had, tucked them into the cab of their truck with the babies, and waved goodbye to the Too Cutes. When they got home K sent me the pic above. That's their little one telling the Too Cutes.. I mean.. Bubblegum and Marsellina all about their new home.

And the hens had already done their Good Works for the day and had all laid eggs by the time they got home.

I don't know about you but when folks ask me how we can sell the babies.. well, friends, its easy when it turns out like this. So we pray a blessing over the K and her family, we wish them well in their new endeavors, and we are gonna smile all day thinking about their children playing with those baby goats.

Happy Friday everyone! Isn't that a great reason to celebrate!?


Robin said...

How Wonderful! They are just so so cute!! It looks like they are in good hands and very happy!

freemotion said...

It is always wonderful when it works out this way. I've met more nice people by selling goats! The first two doelings I sold were torture...but now we are friends with a great couple a few towns over and the gals have a wonderful home. Yup, it is a bit hard but it always works out.

David said...

Great story! Travel, law enforcement drive by, and happy ending. Perfect!

Sara said...

This is awesome! What a great home for them to go to. They are TOO CUTE! I may have had trouble giving them up. :)

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