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Monday, June 25, 2012

My New Milking Buddies

How cute are these little guys?

One of our duck mommas finally hatched these ducklings. She and a chicken hen were sharing a nest - which never really works out.

Finally these little ducklings came toddling out one morning. The momma duck sat on her nest for another 3 days and finally the little black and yellow one hatched.

Now they are my new milking buddies. The momma loves to peep all around when I'm milking hoping for some sips of milk out of my bucket. How can I deny these funny little faces? An empty cat food can is a perfect drinker or feeder for these babies. I put a little milk in the can and they just enjoy the dickens out of it.

I'm keeping them locked up for a few more days. That newest one is still a bit small to be outside. She's a great momma tho and will protect them from the hen swarm. My only worry is that they are still "crow sized" and are easy pickings if they are out in the open.

Happy Monday everyone!


Susan said...

Oooh - cute, cute, cute! It looks like she has everything in hand. And you're right - crows just love small fluffy snacks.

David said...

Pretty sweet little shavers.

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