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Monday, June 18, 2012

Something adorable is happening here

I just love baby ducks.....

Hey baby! Look who's here!

Miss Duck is a favorite and an excellent momma. She's settin' that nest... like a boss.

 I hope more babies hatch. I'll check on her later today.

More on this stunning new arrival's surprise entrance later... we got a little rain this morning and I'm hoping to do some work outside.

Happy Monday everyone!  Crank on the air conditioning... its gonna be a hot week in the mid-West!


David said...

It is cure! What kind of duck? I've never seen one like that, but then again, I don't know anything about ducks

Susan said...

Baby ducks are my absolute favorites! The hot weather arrives here tomorrow....can't wait. Not.

JeffJustJeff said...

My muscovies are excellent at hatching, not the greatest at mothering. The first hatch of the year yielded 10. The mother, Hershey, took them outside and kept losing them. I scooped them up and put them in the brooder. All still accounted for. The next two ducks, I don't know how many they hatched, but I saw a total of 3, all dead. Our latest mother hid her nest in the barn loft. She kept bringing them downstairs when we weren't out there and every day, one would get left downstairs. Our head of barn security, our barncat Smokey, never touches the poultry, but you don't want to be a pigeon or rodent or you're dead. I collected each of these until I had a total of eight. This mother took her last two ducklings out to the pond. They were both killed by hungry bass. One was swallowed, the other just killed. I need to blog about this bass. Let's just say that it's the day I became a redneck fisherman and revenge is a dish best served lightly breaded and pan fried in butter.... We have one more on a large nest. We'll see what happens with those. So far, we're up do 18 ducks this year that are still alive.

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