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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Scenes from the First Work Day

Finally! Yesterday I got to work outside - the whole day. It was sunny and not snowing! The Never Ending Winter is losing its grip.....
 Nibbles lookin' very large indeed.

My biggest priority was shoveling out the right side of the Turkey House so we can install Nibbles. She's due to have her babies on our about April 6. But she's looking pretty darn large right now. I don't know if she'll make it that long.

Nibs' little legs are about to buckle under all that weight.

Of course we are doing The Critter Shuffle.... the ducks got evicted from that side of the Turkey House and they are pretty mad about it. But that will be short lived. Very soon our visiting drake will go to his new home. The lady ducks need to get acquainted with the very dapper runner drakes so those gals need to move back to the hen yard.

Keep it up, TZ, and you will be the star of Easter dinner.

The turkeys will stay where they are - for now. TurkZilla has been super aggressive and always on display lately. He's starting to give the ladies a little of the ol' 23-Skiddo... if you know what I mean. We are on the lookout for turkey eggs.  But TZ had better watch his P's & Q's.. I'm about sick of him coming after me. I'm not above having a turkey for Easter dinner.

I love Cindy's beautiful nest.

Next in line for the "Oh Please Pick Me For the Pot" are the geese. Our head gander, OD, and That Speckled One are chasing me all over the darn place. Cindy Lou has started a nest so the ganders are all in a lather. Bunch of hissing galoots! I had just about enough of them and locked them all (except for Cindy) in the turkey coop just so I could get some peace and get my work done. Cindy sat on her beautiful nest.

There was a lot to shovel out of the Turkey House - a long winter's worth of bedding. I had some combination of dogs with me at all time because I knew what lurked deep in the piles of barnyard litter..... When those rats finally made their move they were verily smited and their ruin was thrown down before me. Titan was well pleased with himself - and got a huge meaty bone for this efforts.

The ones that got away will soon meet their doom. Zander and Kai will see what they can dig up today. We need to get all those stupid rats out of the Turkey House before Nibble's little MoneyMakers.... I mean... adorable baby goats arrive. I'm thinking she has at least 4 babies this time. And no we do NOT need to go for another record breaking, boat sinking, net busting haul of babies this time.

Looks like we just got above freezing so I'm gonna get saddled up and head out - we are going to hunt some rats.

Happy Saturday everyone!  Anyone else working outside today?


Tombstone Livestock said...

Looking forward to some baby goat pictures soon.

Stoney Creek Homestead said...

I still have several feet of snow! It won't be for another couple of weeks before we can start doing something/anything out there.
We too, will be doing the animal suffle, as we get ready for lambing and calving.

Enjoy the sunshine! Have a good Easter!


Anonymous said...

Yep...Setting hog fencing today. Have a great hunt!

Anonymous said...

FINALLY!!! Bring on Spring ! Turkeys and Ganders can be crazzzzy. I remember when our tom took on the gander-- THAT was afight for the record books ! of course, back then we had no way to record it on a cell phone. The goose won. Are ya gonna hatch any chickens this year ? Thanks for the update on your farm. Good post, good post. Todd

Unknown said...

Gardening, fixing the coop, washing cars- it was 70! Are you afraid of your dogs getting diseases from the rats?

Horst in Edmonton said...

Happy Easter.

Mark Willis said...

Wishing Nibbles (and you) Good Luck for "on or about 6th April"!

David said...

Yes indeed, got out poked around, picked up some trash (joys of living in the 'burbs), but the beds are still frozen once you get down 3". Repaired the trellis damaged by the Great Storm of 2012. Cut up a pear tree that'd was donated last autumn. I've got smoking wood for the next couple years! It was so good to get outside!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks TLivestock! Should be soon - poor Nibs is just huge.

hi MistyM! Oh no on the snow - hope you get spring soon.

Great work, Anon, get ready for those porkers!

When its Turkey vs Gander, no matter who wins - everyone loses... aint that right, Todd? ;-)

Nope, Nancy - dogs are utd on shots and they dont eat them. The rats dont stand a chance and and dispatched quickly.

Thanks Horst! Hope you had a great day.

Hi Mark! Thanks - we need to get this place hoppin' with those little goat babies.

Superduper, Dave, that pear would should be fabulous for your next smoking project.

Chai Chai said...

Gidget has thrown down the gauntlet at quads, will Nibbles accept the challenge?

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