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Friday, May 10, 2013

A Mother's Day Surprise!

Look who I found!  This crazy little duck has been "missing" for a while - honestly we thought that something got her but here she is!

Hey - that is not a ducklings.....

And that is not a baby duckling it's a chick! Actually there are two chicken chicks peeping around and she still has a clutch of duck eggs under her. Sometimes these mixed nests happen - the hennies will lay eggs in a duck nest. However the duck eggs still have about a week or so to incubate. Since the momma will quit her nest after a day or two to take care of the live babies - I think we are going to have basement chicks for a while!

Also - remember what happened last fall to my little dwarf duck's nest - so I think we are going with safety first.  When the rest of the eggs hatch we'll move this momma to a safer spot.

Isn't this a cutie patootie!?! Both chicks look like this - either barred rocks or Australorps.

Speaking of mothers.... have you done all your Mother's Day shopping? If not here is a last minute option - how about some flowers? It's easy and fun to order thru Amazon from either this link or the black search box on the right of this page. What can you buy? Anything you normally would purchase from Amazon - books, Kindle books, Kindles, movies, groceries - anything they offer.

Remember that I'm using all the loot I get from my Amazon store from the month of May to purchase supplies and snacks for "my" soldier! I just got a cute note back from my soldier thanking me for the stuff I've already sent - it's so much fun to make someone's day!

Happy Friday everyone - anybody else get some surprise chicks?


Horst in Edmonton said...

What beautiful chickies. The duck probable can't figure out what happened. Wonder what the ducks will look like.

Anonymous said...

wow ! That duck looks mad ! I hope that she can hold out for another week so she can enjoy her ducklings. What kind of duck is she ? It looks like she is black. Spring babies are great ! Thanks for sharing it. Todd

David said...

funny... would the duck care for the chick. Nurture that is?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

They are adorable, Horst! The duck momma is a mix so the babies should be really interesting. Around here anything could happen. ;-)

Hi Todd! Yep she is black - she is a mix - kind of like a runner duck with something else (??) and her momma is my dwarf duck - these babies are going to be something to see!

oh yeah, Dave, the momma instinct is just lovely in poultry - as long as they hatch it they will mommma it. it doesnt always work in the reverse - none of my hens will take on a "new" baby. but my turkey hen hatched a clutch of chickens and we couldnt keep her away from them! the only thing she would be confused at is why the babies dont want to get in the water. but she cant get to our pond so it would be ok.

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