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Sunday, June 15, 2014

What Love Looks Like...

Here is what real love looks like....

True romance.

...660 feet of fencing... what could possibly be better? Thanks, honey!

My hubs went and got this yesterday. One of our most important projects this summer will be to fence in the pond. For the last couple summers the waterfowl have not had access to the pond - the stupid foxes are just to eager to help themselves to the birds. But soon all our problems will be over.

Once we fence around the pond, which is currently outside our perimeter fence, we'll be able to let Kai and Zander run wild and rid the land of varmints. Then we'll be able to let the ducks and geese back into the pond during the day.

And nope, you don't need a pond to have ducks or geese - just make sure they have a tub or kidding swimming pool to splash around in. But it will be great to have everyone swimming around.

Once we get this area fenced in the goats will have a new place to graze down near the pond.  Soon the pond will be a hive of activity. I'm so excited!

Happy Sunday everyone! Does anyone love you enough to buy two rolls of field fence?


Winona said...

You lucky girl, you! I also love getting gifts for the homestead. My hubby let me order 15 rare ducklings this spring, just because I thought they were cute. We will have to have a pool for them once they are old enough. They will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. They are so cute to watch. I look forward to seeing pictures of your ducks and geese once you get the fence in place.

Wendy said...

Not field fence, but we did wander in to TSC yesterday and bought a bunch of new t-posts and electric fencing wire.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hey Winona! good lucks with your ducks - you will just love them.

hi Wendy - electric fencing is just as romantic, dont you think?

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