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Monday, June 23, 2014

Mud Boggin' with the Pigz

I don't like mud. I don't like pigz. You can imagine how happy I was to come home from a terrific time in town to find this.....

 Pig waterer. In mud. No one was happy about this.

Yep. That's their waterer. In the wallow. It is extremely hot out there so someone had to go and get it. I looked around. Yep. No one here but me.


Thanks Nibs.

Luckily the goats came along to provide moral support - or laugh if I ended up in the mud.

I entered the lion's den, dogless, with only a hoe to use for my defense and as a retrieval tool. The pigz still think I'm their momma and that I love them. No. Just. No. I tried to distract them with frozen hard boiled eggs but that only worked for so long.

Pigz love mud. And water from the hose.

Once their waterer was free and filled they rejoiced by ignoring it completely. The wallow is more of a swimmin' hole then a mud pit. But they are happy just the same. Happy as pigz in mud.

 They immediately ignored the waterer I worked so hard to free and went back to mud boggin'.

Happy Monday everyone! Did you go mud boggin' with your pigz?


Amanda said...

Those pigs think you love them?!

Well maybe..... you are secretly a big softie and you really do like pigs? Otherwise why would they have that impression? Ha!

They're getting pretty big. When are you harvesting the bacon?

Unknown said...

They look mighty happy!!!

Vera said...

Oh dear, not a tremendously good experience for you, but it did make me smile, and I thank you for that!

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