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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Looks like it's headed up to 95* and no rain or storms in sight. Pretty much my job today will be to keep everyone alive.

Goat herd grazing.

Part of this will be to take the goats down to the woods. I've been taking them down to the new grazing area...and they've finally started going down there by themselves. But they have to run past the pigz really fast - which is kind of funny.

Eat faster, Nibs!

They really need to start working on this area - Nibbles is belly deep.

The babies either don't want to go with them - or the mommas are telling them to stay by the goat house. Usually Great-grandma Debbie or Grandma Dahli stays behind to babysit.

After I mowed down the yard the ducks came down to look around.

As far as I can tell only one of the babies has made the long walk down the hill - and that was a disaster. Me and the dog were in the upper garden when we heard terrible screaming. We dropped our tools and ran for it - I was yelling for the dog, "Where is she? Find it! Find it!" and also to Debbie, "What's wrong!? What's wrong?"

When we got down the hill we found that Frosty - Darla's baby - was the one screaming. There was a fly on her. No, it wasn't biting her. She was just scared. Of a fly. *sigh*  We'll chalk that up to reason 872 why dogs are better than goats.

Today should be a looloo.... so don't forget your extreme heat livestock care.

Happy Tuesday everyone - is it going to be hot where you are today?


Unknown said...

Nope, between 43 & 61 today in wintery Melbourne.

Miss Tilly spends hours chasing flies in the house.

Vera said...

And don't all goats make that murderous scream!!!!! We are up in the 80's as well. It didn't seem so long ago that we were at zero, and the same for you I would think!

David said...

can't make that stuff up... Stay cool

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