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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Finally! They're here! Meet the Cow Boys!

Finally! Look who showed up yesterday!  I went out early on Saturday and look who finally... FINALLY.. made their appearance. Meet Debbie's new babies - the Cow Boys.

It's the Cow Boys!

These little bucklings are huge. I'm not sure how Debbie pulled this off without any help but the babies were dry and on the ground when I went out at 5:30am. I didn't hear a peep from her. They are extremely cute and their cow coloring is a hoot!  One is black and white and the other is brown and white.

Funny cow markings.

Poor Debbie tho. Wow. Her udder might need some fixin' up. The first time I took her over to the milk stand she could barely walk because of her big udder. Then she couldn't get up on the stand! Initially I had to milk her on the ground until we got to a more "normal" udder size.. then she could jump up. We probably got a gallon and a half from her yesterday. The pigz are in heaven.

How now brown cow?

This morning the goatyard was like a Stir Crazy popcorn popper - all the little ones were goofin' around and running and jumping.  They are very cute and lively.

The funniest thing we've noticed is that the chickens are keeping the little goats from escaping from the goat yard. Last nite we put the hens away and as soon as we did ..... the little goaties all crawled thru the fence and ran all over. It was pretty hilarious. And yes we are keeping a close eye on the dogs - the little goats run like meat and Kai and Zander really really really want to eat them.

So we can all breathe a deep sigh of relief.... this crazy kidding season is now over and we can all go about the business of having long summer farm days.

Happy Sunday everyone! Do you have cow goats?


Unknown said...

Aw, how cute!!! Good mom you have there...

Unknown said...

They really do look like little calves. I can just imagine that they are bouncing all over the yard. Poor Debbie, i bet she is relieved as well.

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