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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Got the garlic planted

Yesterday I got the garlic planted. It might be a little early but we have been in a mad scramble to get things done. I can't believe it's already October.

I had a nice pile of bulbs. At least some of them were sprouting!

I couldn't believe it when I checked some left over garlic bulbs from this harvest last year! I should have planted them last fall. Some of them had little sprouts coming up. This despite the fact that they were carelessly kept in the unheated garage over the winter.

 Sprouts! Can you believe it?

Then the bulbs had to endure the Fire Swamp Summer....and I think one of the hens thought she should use the pile of garlic for a nest. These little bulbs have been thru a lot. All they want to do is grow. There is a life lesson in there somewhere

I have a small patch of garlic going.  This bad pic is so that I'll remember where it is.

To make sure we actually have a harvest I will purchase some additional bulbs but I don't know - this could work. I used this method that I wrote about here. Although this time my spacing was a little wider to allow for bigger bulbs at next spring's harvest.

We'll see what happens. I'm confident about some of the sprouts and if nothing grows then I'll still have this deeply mulched little patch of friable soil ready for next spring.

Happy Thursday everyone! Have you planted your garlic?


Amanda said...

Unfortunately there is no garlic being planted here. How is your fat goat doing?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Fat, Amanda... she is really really really fat. Wide. Huge. For heavens sakes..... ha!

Wildcard said...

I just remembered I scored some walking onions a month and a half ago. I need to find a place to put them!

Vera said...

We have no winter veg planted at all, and I do feel real guilty about it. Was thinking about doing a tiny patch out front, and after reading your blog, I think I might plant a small row of garlic, just to make me feel like I am making an effort! Hope your garlic grows stupendously well.

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