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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Potting up celery and setting up the greenhouse

You may remember that planting celery was one of my best projects this summer. First, I can't believe it worked and second, I can't believe that the plants have done so well! We have had a steady supply of fresh and crunchy celery all summer.

I just dug it up and plopped it in a pot. Easy peasy.

I really wanted to keep this success going so one of my projects is to pot up the celery plants and move them into the green house.  All I did was dig up a plant and plop it into a big pot with lots of fresh potting soil. I didn't even need to water it in because it was raining so much that day - I just let it set outside. I'll be doing a few more of these. Most of my celery plants lived and produced well all summer. Buying a couple six-packs of little celery starts was the best $3 I have ever spent.

The hoop house green house has also been a tremendous success this year - even tho I didn't achieve my goal of using the hoop as a trellis for squash and pumpkins... and it sat empty all summer.  I finally got it cleaned out and I'm getting it organized to be used for growing this fall and early winter. In fact, I'm hoping to build a second greenhouse this fall.

I noticed one thing that I could have done better tho. Remember that I just used the plastic I had on hand? My pal ML told me to get the good greenhouse plastic film by A.M. Leonard? And I didn't because I'm cheap (and maybe a little stubborn)? Yep. So the regular plastic I became brittle over the summer and now it has some holes in it. So did it work as I needed it to for this spring? Yes. Is it a permanent solution? No. So I'll be getting the good stuff.

I'm pretty excited about using the greenhouse as a "season extender." I know that it won't stand up to extremely cold temperatures but I'm hoping to keep some greens and my celery going for a while.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Are you setting up your green house?


Vera said...

I use a lot of celery in cooking, but have not as yet felt organised, or bold, enough to have a go. But will try when time permits. I am longing to have a green house too. I think it would be a nice place to potter in when the weather is wet and windy. Ah....so many projects to do in the future!!!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

If i remember right Mr. H kept his celery potted in his cellar. this could be perfect for you. even when celery is short it is still great to use as an herb. and yes, i cant wait to be in my greenhouse in the dead of winter -if only for the heat!

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