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Friday, October 24, 2014

How to make Apple Crisp

We love apple season because we love to make a lot of apple crisp. This is so easy to make - and it's a breakfast food. And dessert. And it's perfect for elevensies. Or snacks. Or dinner.

Served warm and swimming in a bowl of cream.

We were lucky that someone we know invited us to come and pick up the last of their apples. They expected us to just throw these "bad" apples to the pigz. Are you kidding? Some of these were perfect - except for a few spots. But if you are going to peel the apples anyway - what's the difference if they are "perfect" or "spotty?"

 My spotty apples. These are Wolf River and Grimes Golden apples - both heritage varieties.

I just peel and cut up the apples until I fill the pan. 

Oatmeal layer - it cooks in the apple juices. Yum!

Then I add a couple of layers. I like a lot of oatmeal - real, old fashioned oatmeal not the quick cooking kind. I add a generous layer of oatmeal right onto the apples trying to get some of it down between the fruit.

Crumble topping - ratios of about a third each of butter, sugar, and flour.

Then I make the crumble topping. I just eyeball the measurements, but I use a ratio of about a third each of flour, brown sugar, and butter. I use this little mini chopper to mix it all up until it's gravelly.

Sprinkle the topping on top.

Then you might as well add some butter to the top also.

But here is the key to a perfect apple crisp - cook it low and slow. I use a 325* oven for at least an hour or until the apples are bubbling. If the topping is getting too brown then just loosely cover with foil.

That's all there is to it. We got another round of "bad" apples so today I'll be making another apple crisp.

Happy Friday everyone! Are you enjoying apple season?


Amanda said...

You've inspired me to make an apple crisp!

Vera said...

We call that dish an 'apple crumble', but it does not include the oatmeal, but will definitely add it next time I make a crumble. Another good idea! Keep them coming|!

David said...

I must try this.... today. With vanilla ice cream. Today.

Unknown said...

No apples here this year, but ours always have spots, no bother. Some people are so wasteful! I use mine for cobblers (same topping as you) and applesauce that I can. Yummy! I just made a nectarine crumble today, cream there too :)

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