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Friday, November 14, 2014

Dog selfies gone wrong. And we had snow yesterday.

The Big Cold is upon us and looks like it will be parked here until mid next week at least. Yesterday we even had some snow flying around. Last nite there were a few flakes stuck on the car. We should have our first "stickable" snow this weekend.

 I tried to take some dog selfies.... it didn't really work. 

I'm noting the weather because this Big Cold is kind of early. Normally we don't have a recordable snowfall until later in November and honestly these temps are more like January. 

 Bubby kept squirming around.

The only real problem is that I have a lot of work to do outside and so I might be a little stuck.  It's one thing to work when it's cold and damp and about 40*.... but with a current windchill of 18*? I think I'll get some inside work done. But I really needed to finish staining the deck. Rats.

And Kai is so darn cute.

Also I went out for some greens this morning and they were frozen solid. I'm hoping I can get a few more salads from the late lettuce I planted.

Little Mo knows how to rock a selfie. That's our Mo!

Right now I'm really enjoying a salad of pears and blue cheese - with whatever greens I can find. And yes.. I put some beet eggs in there too. I brought in the last of the pears. Nothing out there is going to survive this cold.

Happy Friday everyone! Are you noting the cold? This is ridiculous. I need to get some work done!


Unknown said...

Cute puppers :) We'll have a low of 2 tomorrow night and we had almost 8" of snow today...

David said...

It so caught me off guard. Freaking below 20* last week in the night. It was snowing HARD when I flew out of Chicago last night - seems like they may have gotten an inch or maybe more. Gah!

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