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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Got my big winnings from the auction!

I've been a bit under the this ridiculously cold weather so let's short hand this...

 Nicholas. Not sold at the auction.

Gas up to the far away auction: about $20
Time: most of the day but it was superfun
Fees to the auction:  $16.50

Total big winnings: $133.50

Getting rid of no-good-nicks and the Loudest Goat Ever: Priceless.

It looks like they sold Darla alone ($75) and the two little ones together ($75). 

So I'll go with "good enough." Wish it was more, glad it wasn't less, and still totally worth it.

Happy Thursday everyone! Looks like we'll get a break in the weather on Saturday. What a week!


Wildcard said...

Would you have gotten more had you sold them yourself?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hi Wildcard. I dont know... i think for the winter this is a "fair" price... but in the spring i probably could have sold them for more. i did not have any luck selling them at the end of summer, tho. so i'm going with "better than nothing." plus i did not have to deal with craigslist weirdos so it's a win! :-)

Wildcard said...

Yay for a win! Not feeding them over the winter is a win, too, right?

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