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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Last days of working in the garden

Tonite we'll start getting that polar vortex of doom. But today I have one last day to work in the garden. Yesterday we were outside the entire day. It was sunny and beautiful. I got a lot of work done. Then there was this.

That damn mower. It's like an albatross around my neck.

Yep. I killed it again. In my defense, I'm pretty sure that the wingding is all wonky which caused some kind of catastrophic failure of the flux capasitor...or maybe the cardboardmeter. I had to text my husband that the mower was leaking oil...from when I had to turn it upside down to verify that, yes, the new blade he just put on was bent. Then I started kicking it because I think that mower is doing it on purpose.

So I turned my thoughts to happier things......

Like my favorite garden helpers. Note the tiller is not broken.

And finding a stash of potatoes!

And this huge pear. (Kai for scale.)

Today we are working to get the rest of the upper garden cleaned up in preparation for the on-coming doom. We will have at least five days of cold weather. So today we are going to enjoy the warm sunshine.

Happy Tuesday everyone! What are you finding in your garden clean up?


Unknown said...

That mower belongs in a museum! All those years of work and you speak with so little respect. No wonder it wont work for you.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

seriously, Lynda, that mower is wearing me down little by little....ugh!

Dragonlaurel said...

I found a pile of bricks in the yard recently. I was going to plant some flower seeds, and the hoe kept hitting them. I dug up enough to make a low wall for the raised bed. Nice surprise, :)

Dragonlaurel said...

I recently found a pile of bricks that was buried in the yard. My newer raised garden bed has a little wall around it now. :)

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