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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Nibbles. Just fat.

Remember when all of this was going on? We really didn't know if that bad buck got Nibs or not. For a while there we were very very nervous that Nibs was pregnant and would end up with fall babies.

Nibs. Just fat. 

We even had a guy come out and look at her.

"That's one fat goat." He said.

But was she pregnant? He couldn't tell but he could come back out and bring a mobile sonograph machine and....

"No. That's just fine." We said.

Then he drove off with over $100 of my folding money, laughing at having to do a vet call for a fat goat. I tell you the truth. If I was starting my career over I'd become a large animal vet and then sit around on a huge pile of cash, laughing. But then, you know that cows and I don't mix well so that probably wouldn't work out for me.

We figured we could use Nibbles fatness as an excuse to "establish a relationship" with a farm vet that we heard would drive all the way out here. This way if we ever have some kind of ridiculous emergency we could actually get a vet to come out. We learned the hard way that, no, a farm vet will not just drive all the way out here on a Sunday nite at 10pm if we weren't already clients. So now we are and I think that Nibs did all this fatness just to spite us.

Since then Nibs has been on a restricted diet and from time to time I chase her around the goat yard so she can work off a few of those extra pounds. It's working. Now that the Age of Nibbles' Fatness is over we have to start to think about getting her a date. Heaven help me, you know I can't stand goat breeding season. 

Happy Sunday everyone! Do you have a fat goat? What about a farm vet?

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Unknown said...

She looks so cute enjoying the sun :)

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