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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My egg strategy is working...and ham salad.

I wanted to put in my notes that the light in the chicken house is working. Yesterday we got a record four...yes FOUR eggs... which is up from... zero. I'm calling it a huge success. We also got another bag of layer mash so that will help as well.

 Just a few of the eggs from yesterday...

I like how the one in the middle fades in color from one end to the other.

It probably also helped that I stood out in the hen yard shaking my fry pan and warning the hennies that they "are gonna feed me one way or another" so they'd better lay me an egg! The tried and true methods from the Klingon Management School always work.

In other bits and bobs of news. We need a new mower blade. There was no saving it. My hubs drug the dead mower out of the garden and back to the garage. There is a huge ugly gash from that bent blade in the dirt the entire way. We are also looking for a new freezer and hope to have one soon. Then there will be pork chops for everyone. All I can think about is meat meat meat and more meat. And bacon. And ham. Especially ham.

Last nite on 'the facebook' we were talking about ham salad. So I had to run off and make some. It was terrific.

A special request for a special gal.

I fixed up this plate for my new pal, N. She has some really terrific things going on in her life right now. Great job, N! And as requested, here is a right-sized snack of ham salad on home made bread..and a shooter of eggnog.

And now I'm going to run off and make more beet eggs with these lovelies.

Happy Thursday everyone! Are your chickens feeding you one way or another? Eggs or fried chicken?

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Mama Mess said...

Ham salad is the bom-diggity I must say. Our girls are still going like gang-busters, 2 to 4 eggs a day from 5 gals, and two of them are moulting and one of them is desperate for motherhood so she never lays much anyway, just sits around all broody...

Our meat birds are about ready to meet their maker as well, I'd say next weekend is going to be the end for them, and that will just be all sorts of fantastic! They'll be joining our three lovely pigs in the freezer, along with lots of catfish and snapping turtle.

Have a wonderful ham salady day OFG!

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