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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A cheese making list - all the tools you need.

We are barreling down the road toward Goat Season 2015 and by that I mean the goats are due in about a month. Goat baby season? Who cares - all I can dream about is cheese glorious cheese! I need to make a cheese making list so I'm absolutely ready for cheese action - you know how I love to cut the cheese....and the stupid jokes that come along with it.

 Can you believe I made this cheese? So can you!

I started with the standard issue getting started with cheese but I have to say that I love that I love 200 Easy Homemade Cheese Recipes much better. This book is not for experienced cheese makers - it's great for beginners also.


Starters and kits

  • Ultimate Cheese Kit You know that I love Leeners and wow they have an incredible kit. This has everything you need and more. Depending on what kind of cheese you'd like to make this could work for you. I normally stick to buying tools by the piece but if you know someone who wants to go all out this is amazing.
  • Rennet - I like the tabs and not the liquid. The tablets can be stored in the freezer for a long time. I just take one out at a time to use and break into pieces. It's not as exact as using the drops but it's easier for me.
  • Mesophilic starter. This is the starter for many fresh cheeses. It's a great starting er...starter.
  • Cheese salt. Cheese needs a remarkable amount of salt. This cheese is flaky which makes it better for cheesemaking than normal table or kosher salt.
You can make this cheese too.

And that is what will get you started. Of course, once you are off and running you might want to get Moldsand molds....and other starters.. Most folks start with a fresh cheese like chevre and then work their way up.

Happy Tuesday everyone - are excited about making cheese?

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Onevikinggirl said...

Cheezus, but with Maasdamer down the road, Gouda in the next county, Edamer over the fence, and not even parking for my bike, I'll have to make my own cheece in dreamland.
Ps. Hi back and please make sure Nicholas' barn is heated enough.

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