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Friday, March 13, 2015

S'more reasons why cooking the M outside is so much fun

In addition to being out in the fresh air, cleaning up the yard, and having a fun time outside.... let's be honest. This is the real reason I like to cook our sap outside over a campfire....

S'mores, baby! Yeah!

Of course we made s'mores!!!! It's the best part! But the fire was so hot I had to use our longest skewer and my Ove-Glove!

And then we did some chops too because why not.

Today is going to be an inside day - right after I take up all the buckets. Early yesterday the sap was pouring off the trees. I took up another 2.5 gallons at mid day - that was in addition to what I got in the morning! And then the dripping really stopped. We did not freeze last nite so the trees won't run today.

And if they did it wouldn't matter because there is nothing but rain rain rain and more rain followed by additional rain on the side starting in a few hours.

What do you do if it rains while you are trying to tap your trees?

Depends. You can try and cover the bucket but we haven't had a great deal of success. Or you can use the bags - but we kind of gave them an F-. Or you can use the extra thin spiles and hose system and run the hoses into covered buckets.

But for us we'll just shrug and hope for a better sap day over the weekend.

Happy Friday everyone!


deb harvey said...

showed your Peep to my daughter.
she has a small tortoise shell and says goat milk infusions cause attitude improvement in the tortoise psyche. she even kissed the Pumpkin after a goat milk offering and was not swatted.
she suggests that you try it.
deb h.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

ha! Deborah!... our Peep will need GALLONS of goat milk to water down her "Peep-a-tude!"

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