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Monday, May 30, 2016

Exclusive portrait of me!....by a stranger.

The other day I was in town, just standing there talking to someone that I kind of know. To be truthful I just wanted to pet their dog - a big ol' fat headed rottie. All of a sudden this older man walks up to me, gets in kind of close, and says, "I like that hat." Then he handed me a piece of paper and walked off.

This is what he handed me....
This is exactly what I look like!

How hilarious was that? I was kind of surprised by the whole thing.  The woman I was talking to kind of laughed at my reaction and said not to worry.... that man was not some kind of weirdo. He just does that - he draws people and then gives the sketch to the person.

Of course, that's my favorite garden hat.

We've been having a terrific holiday weekend. Of course there is no real "day off" for me and my husband has to work today... But we've had a fun time. Yesterday we had an epic grill up of some huge steaks smothered in mushrooms..and asparagus and potato salad. We've also spent a lot of time this weekend laying on the floor with the dogs and watching TV. 

I've been working in the early morning because it's been so humid. I'm really glad with my progress but am stymied today because of the rain in the overnight. So we are focusing on getting the house cleaned up. 

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!  Has a stranger ever walked up to you and given you a sketch?


lizzybaxter said...

No, never had that happen. But how cool!!? I think you should frame it, and put some chicken wire across the front. Very rustic and unusual. :)

bornfreev said...

OMG, that is so cool.

so... you are skinny and wear glasses - what a vision!

Vera said...

No, never happened. But it must have made your day! Wet here as well so no outside work being done other than the usual chores. Could do with it warming up here. Would like to get out of winter clothes sometime this year!

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