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Monday, May 16, 2016

So there was a frost. It had better be the last one!

Can't tell if it was a hard freeze or not...much of the garden is still in the shade. But the water buckets outside were not frozen so hopefully everything will be OK. Most of the state was under either a frost or a freeze warning... some of my pals actually had snow yesterday!

All I want is lettuce. Real lettuce.

It's very late for a last frost... so this is something to note for my records.  It was cold enough to wear a hat last nite for chores so I was very glad we put all the plants in the garage. This week will be cool but will gradually warm up. We've had plenty of rain with more on the way. I really need to get some of this stuff planted out.

I'm hoping that my little lettuces that were not covered are OK. I'm really really tired of store food.  If I have to start over with my planting I might dramatically throw myself down.

But one good thing happened.... In order to get all the plants in the garage we had to do a huge clean out. Sometimes little emergencies make you do projects you've been putting off.  I'm starting a pile of stuff to take to the dump later this week. I'm pretty excited about it. It's liberating to get rid of stuff that is holding you down. We've been on a rampage to lighten our load of "stuff" lately. It's working.

Today and tomorrow I'll be dragging all my plants out of the garage. I'd better hurry because they are forecasting upper 80*'s within 10 days! Spring is ridiculous.

Happy frosty Monday everyone! Did you keep warm last nite?


David said...

The cold bubble must've shifted southeast as we only dropped to the 40's.

Anonymous said...

Random thought on a Monday morning... would it be practical to built wooden "beds" on wheels for your plants so you can role them in and out of the garage depending on the weather or is that just crazy talk?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

we are in the bubble now, Dave, thank heavens! i think i only lost one basil plant.

KJ - not crazy AT ALL! i know folks who put all their seedlings on hay wagons and just just pull them outside during the day. this isnt a great solution for me because i'm battling free ranging chickens and barncats who think the trays of seedlings make excellent litterboxes. so i usually keep my sprouts in another yard... which is not close to the garage. mostly i just have some logistical problems but for the few days that it's a problem i just deal with it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, how about a hoop house on top of the hay wagon to battle chickens and barn cats alike... ok, now it becomes a bit to over-engineered even for me...


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