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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Minor annoyances

Today has been filled with minor annoyances. I woke up grumpy and it's only getting worse. At this point everyone with a tail is avoiding eye contact and they are giving me at 10 foot radius.... except for Nicholas who is in time out for trying to pull my sandwich off the counter.

Tensions are high. This situation ended badly. Cats don't like to share.

By 9am it had only gotten worse because I realized that I didn't have any hay for the goats who refuse to walk outside because the grass is wet. I know this because my shoes and socks were already wet from walking in the wet grass so I kinda understood how they felt.

It got worse because I messed up The Paperwork, The People Who Annoy Me were annoying me, I couldn't find what I needed in town yesterday,  I tweaked my back, and it feels like someone is sticking a red hot poker in my eye. And worse... there is a banana in the kitchen stinking to high heaven. I can feel it in there rotting with its.... putrescence...and rotting.

Just when it couldn't get any worse I remembered that it could, in fact, get worse.

The weather lady reminded us that about a year ago it was a record breaking hot day.....and I remembered that all of this happened...it was a day of days.  It was pretty bad when it all went down. 

Looking back that day was way worse than this day.

In the end that slew of problems was fixed.... my husband figured out how to fix the air conditioning without an expensive repair bill, I was able to fix the floor, we got rid of the most annoying of the goats, that duck is still around, and Nicholas... well he is still in the way of everything but I love him so it's OK.

One of the things that I like best about my marriage is that my husband and I don't turn on each other in the face of adversity - we turned toward each other. We make a plan and get it done. So we were able to solve all those problems without blaming each other - instead we cheered each other on.  So we can get thru this bad day also.

I'm determined to have a turn around today. I changed my shoes, changed directions, changed my mind, and am working on a better attitude. While I can't get any gardening done today I can work on some other things and be glad that what is planted is really growing well.

This was waiting for my husband the other day - a well known banana lover- because he had a bad day. 
It's part of how we cheer each other on.

In a little while I'm going to go and get hay, mail The Paperwork, and get some ice cream. One way or another that banana will be gone by the end of the day.

When life gives you bananas - make a split!

Happy Tuesday, everyone - how are you doing? Hanging in there or do you have soggy shoes? Do you want a banana split?


lizzybaxter said...

Oh my gosh, I am so happy to read your post. Today was the day of Disappointment. That is, I am the disappointment. I was a disappointment to my husband for reasons I'm sure he doesn't want me to share. Then I had to cut off an important phone conversation with my daughter. I was a disappointment. I refused to again give snackies to the kitties trying to climb into the fridge (where snackies are kept). I was a disappointment to them. My elderly dad is mad because I've hired ladies to come in and care for him, instead of being His One and Only. I was a disappointment to him when they showed up, so he protested by eating potato chips for breakfast after I left. And I was a big disappointment to the guineas because I allowed the fox to come close enough to snatch one of them.

I could elaborate on all the other disappointing elements of this day, but you get the point. Tomorrow is a new day for both of us...

Vera said...

My partner and I also turn to each other when things get tough, although perhaps there might be a bit of a spat when stress threatens to overwhelm us, but things soon calm down and we are quickly back in sync with each other. For this, I feel blessed.

Caroline J. Baines said...

No banana split, but definitely a vanilla with chocolate chip ice cream day. Make sure to let us know how tomorrow goes so we can all be happy again :) I love your writing - you have a gift.

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