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Monday, May 2, 2016

Ribs and beans

We made ribs and beans this weekend - they were terrific! Last year I was making it my goal to be sure and use our ribs earlier rather than later... so we are going for earlier.

We smoke them to perfection. My hubs did a terrific job.

You can find the recipe here - this is a terrific way to get started with ribs. Plus the recipe has butter and bourbon in it. Seriously! What's not to love! Don't have those exact ingredients? That's fine - just use what you have. I think the rub was mostly an off the shelf spice mix and the mop sauce was honey, butter, bourbon, and who knows what else....but I kinda wanted to drink it because it smelled so good.


I also really like to make quick and smokey beans - here is the how to link. I didn't have the "right ingredients for this either. I just used what I had. For instance I didn't have Worcestershire sauce so I used soy sauce - and I used sorghum molasses instead of sugar. I also added a handful of frozen corn. Just heat up the beans on the stove, then move to the smoker while the ribs are going. They are absolutely perfect and they make your cast iron skillet smell like a campfire.

These ribs were so good that I might be digging around in the freezer for more ribs for next weekend.

Happy Monday everyone! Are you grilling like it's summer?


Vera said...

Those ribs look delicious, and give me the notion that Lester tends to cut too much meat away from the ribs of pork and mutton he butchers, because the ribs I am pulling out of the freezer have about a mouthful of meat only although the dogs do enjoy the bones!

Unknown said...

What do you mean "the smoker"? Like everyone just has one ready to use. Tell me more about this smoker.... did you make it?

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

I want to know about the smoker too. We love ribs and when we recently purchased a whole lamb I set the ribs aside and they were amazing, mmm lamb mmm ribs.

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