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Sunday, May 15, 2016

It was cold...but not a frost. Yet.

Sometimes people think that I'm only ever complaining about the weather but I use this blog as my personal record keeping. So sometimes my posts about weather are more about my records and planning. Altho today I am complaining.

Remember when it was summer and everyone was happy and full of tomatoes?

The weather guy is pointing out the snow that was in the northern part of the state earlier this morning. As for us, we only got down to about 40* last nite...but tonite they have a freeze warning off to the east and we are under the frost warning. The difference between a frost and a freeze is how long the below freezing temperatures last and if frost can settle on the plants.

Yesterday we spent about two hours moving all my tender plants and veg starts into the garage. It was a lot of work and thank heavens for my husband who figured out how to double our space to stack up the sprouts. I'm glad I didn't get all my little veggies planted out last week. I think everyone is a little surprised about this cold. I was also glad that I ordered more Agribon (the floating row cover stuff). I got just about everything covered in the garden. There is one row of peppers that might take a hit. 

I'll have to wait until Monday to take all the sprouts out of the garage. Then hopefully we will be in the clear.

Happy Sunday everyone! Did it frost/freeze/snow for you?


PJ said...

Here we had record heat near 90 which is stupid hot for us this time of the year. All my poor tomatoes just wilted and flopped over. I think they will come out of it now that it finally cooled off a bit and rained. The rest of the garden got planted just before this rain. The meat chickens have grown huge and fat and very smelly. We are going to butcher the biggest two next weekend.

Cottontailfarm said...

Ugh, thanks for the warning. I just checked the weather and we're down to 33 tonight. I'll cover the green beans. It was a doozy here today - sleet, snow and hail. The only thing to do was turn on the oven. A leg of lamb and a loaf of bread helped.

David said...

Same as you, cold but no frost.

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