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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Yesterday was just like summer....

It wasn't even ten days ago when we had a frost and it was very cold.... now it's just like summer. The forecast for the next ten days is mid-80*'s with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. You can't get more summer than that!

Totally random pic of My Mr Good Dog helping me last summer.

Yesterday was like summer. I spent most of the afternoon behind the push mower cursing my task. Mowing. I hate it. But we need to get ahead of the jungle before it takes over.

The frost took out a row of beans and also killed off the tops of the potatoes. I need to replant the beans and I think the taters will bounce back. I also need to do some random planting including a row of beets. I've got some sprouts that are ready to be set out into the garden as well. I'm glad that I didn't put them out until now.

My favorite pic of Lucky. What a goof. 

The other weird thing going on is... bugs. The cicada brood is starting to emerge. It's.... creepy. I thought it was all a big lie but now I think it's a thing. We've noticed a few over the last several days but yesterday we really saw them coming out and on the trees. No loud noise yet. The chickens and ducks are doing their best to help rid of world of loud bugs. We might need more chickens. It's a lot of bugs.

I just can't get enough of Little Mo and his beautiful paws.

Today is planting and more mowing.

Note: to everyone who is about to say "well just put the goats out there" instead of mowing. They are. Debbie and Nibbles are working on the patches of wild rose and other brambles. But goats don't neatly trim the grass to a nice, short, even level. We are noticing a LOT of ticks lately so the whole point of all this stupid mowing is not lawn beautification... it's to keep the ticks off the dogs. And me.

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Are you mowing? Planting? Do you have loud bugs?


Unknown said...

Yay summer! I'm excited for you! Definitely get more chickens :) and a rideon mower....

Kate said...

The sheep do a great job of keeping the grass neatly trimmed, and they eat the brush and low hanging branches, and produce amazing wool. Love them (and also, they do not try to jump over the fences!!!!)

And there is apparently no such thing as too many chickens!!!!

Vera said...

Our weather is all over the place at the moment. We could do with it settling down as it is tiring as it goes from chilly to boiling hot all in the space of a couple of hours!

Lester used to mow our property with a mechanical mower, but could never keep it down. We have a lot of ticks around as well, but the chickens are free ranging so do keep the numbers down although Lester has found a couple on himself lately!

We miss not having goats for keeping the brambles down. We do not miss the trouble they caused!

deb harvey said...

just reading that possums are great tick eaters. article said leave bits of apple where you see their footprints and they will come around more often and reduce the tick population.

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