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Monday, June 27, 2016

Finally! The sound of silence.... they are gone.

Finally!  That sound you hear is not The Loud Bugs... I can finally say they are gone. Dead. Quiet. At last. I am not interested in hearing them again in 2033.

Summer is finally back on track.

About mid last week we finally had a decrease in the volume of the cicadas... then one last burst of loud buzzing... and then magically they were gone. Now we are finding the dead ones everywhere. But finally I can work outside without the constant noise.

Was it really that annoying? Yes. It was hard to be outside all day because it was so stinkin' loud. Normally nature doesn't bother me but this was totally off the charts. Some of my non-believing friends had a reason to drive to where The Loud Bugs were... and then they became believers.

We have a little damage in our trees. One of the old timers around her said that the dead new growth on trees was from the cicadas.. there is nothing to do about it. I remember what my orchard friend said about how the real damage is from the larva that are burrowing down and eating the tree roots.

But I am glad they are gone. Thanks to some very heavy rains most of the bug bodies have been washed away. I've even been able to let the dogs roam around in the woods... as there are no bugs to eat and so no tummies to be upset. 

The only downside of the bugs being gone? The chickens are banging on the door demanding to be fed. It was nice to save all that money on feed and just letting the hennies free range this whole time.  We have a lot of fat and happy hens.

So now I can get back to working outside longer during the day instead of coming in the house and watching really loud movies to drown out the sound of the bugs.

We are going to have a tiling project in the house very soon. It's apparent that we are not carpet people. We just have too many feet for regular carpeting... and we are about to start ripping it all out. In truth, the carpet needed to be replaced when we moved in. But we knew we *points to cats and dogs* would just ruin it... we are to the point where it is really ruined now. I'll be researching this project and will be getting it underway.

In the meantime, the garage mamma and her nine chicks are doing great, the goats still refuse to get up off their duffs and free range, the garden needs some attention, and no one misses the two ganders that I took to the auction. I am also covered in poison ivy from trying to get it removed from near the house.

All in all I think we are finally getting back on track. Finally!

Happy Monday, everyone! Are you back on track? Are you getting your projects back on track?


. said...

Have you considered bamboo,? It's resilient and attractive, without being cold.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

i LOVE bamboo!! we have it in our kitchen and i'd do the whole house with it if i could. but we need the tile for the basement. hardwood wouldnt work down there.

LissaK said...

This weekend I did finally get back on track. My garden is FINALLY in the ground. I'm also an Ohio girl and a friend said that it wasn't too late so this weekend was an all out blitz on the yard. Even though my harvest may be a little later than others I think it will be great.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

great work, Lissa! i plant all season so nope not too late at all!

Cottontailfarm said...

99% done with the garden, the flower beds are another story. I'm having a hard time getting motivated this year forwhatever reason. Also, it just seems hotter this year. Blogging a little and selling some things so those goals are starting to get on track.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

what are you selling, CTF? *runs over to see...*

Practical Parsimony said...

I am glad they left before the drove you mad. The good part about having chickens is they will peck out the larvae, hopefully before they burrow too far. My hens cleared up the front yard where something swarmed every year.

David said...

staggering out of the office.... the bugs are gone? good. Garden is going great guns. Gonna harvest the first beets this weekend. This project will be done soon and I'll get some time outside.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck on your tiling project! We have done 8 tiling projects this past year and I was never happier to take the wet saw to the basement last month lol. We love epoxy grout, it is so durable! It sets up quick but if you buy the smallest bucket it's just the right amount to get mixed up troweled in before it's ready to be wiped down. We bought it from a tile supplier. Oh and lowes has a awesome tile that looks just like bricks, it's rustic and hides dirt like a champ! :) Lauren

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