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Monday, January 4, 2010

Five Things I Love About Farming

1.You are your own boss. Except for the weather – technically the weather is The Boss of You
2.You can go to the feed store in your barn clothes and you won't show up on “The People of WalMart” - everyone just thinks you're a hard core, barnyard warrior.  Righteous.
3.You get to be outside everyday.  And gettin' dirty is part of the fun.
4.You learn to be really observant. Is that hen limping? Better check – you might have to rush her inside and do an emergency bumblefoot surgery in the bathroom.
5.You have an excuse to be a weather geek. All weather all the time. Watching it, talking about it, planning your day around it... and you can say cool things like, “Sorry, cant talk now – we are racing the weather.”

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