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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fred lives!!! And other poultry mania....


Oh man. I used every excuse in the book NOT to go out and check on him this morning.. I really didnt want to find him, mortal coil shuffled off and all. So finally The Big Man just marched out there... and...Fred is fine. Well, not great but he lives.

One eye is still swollen so we washed him off as best we could without opening up the wounds again. And he doesnt seem to be eating so we gave him a couple of syringes full of doctored up water. I have him some cracklin's from when I rendered the lard so hopefully he'll perk up.

What winter looks like. See my sad summer chair?

Big Pansy still is still in his position of Acting Manager and Barnyard Master. He's enjoying it a little too much if you ask me. Little Pansy is on his best behavior - he witnessed the fisticuffs and knows what his father, Big Pansy, is capable of now.

In other news - we are back to the Big Cold. Yesterday it snowed all screamin' day but not much stuck. The young turks and ducks are out today and everyone is enjoying the sunshine.

We had one of the jakes (in immature male turkey) in 'intensive care' -- with the hens and Runner in the chicken house. He was accidentally put in with the older turks and they beat the crap out of him so he's be recovering nicely.

I'm telling you, the little bit of warm weather we had last week and its a bloodbath out there. All of the poultry has gone mad - ducks, turks, roosters... Its a hard day when the GEESE are the best behaved!  I told OD how much I loved him again today. I think I'm making progress.

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Chai Chai said...

Hurray for Fred! What's up with Ohio, looks like you have no snow at all.

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